Purpose and Goals

It is our desire to be a community who first and foremost worship God. We aim to fulfill Mountainview’s vision to be a radiant church, where the Good News is embraced, the communities are vibrant, and the fellowship is compassionate! Through our M Groups we seek to know Jesus and His Word and to understand His love more fully. We do this by living our lives honestly, with one another, sharing joys and disappointments, living out real life together. This authentic community is centered on discipleship and obedience, prayer, and hospitality. Our M-Groups are mission-oriented, seeking to serve and welcome all our local community into God’s community.

We prayerfully commit to God all that we do, and then we serve those around us, as Christ would serve. Together, we seek to provide a thriving, exciting, welcoming small group ministry at Mountainview.

Connect With Us

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