We Are Mountainview

Our Mission

To be a Radiant Church, known for shining the light of Jesus Christ in Langley and throughout the world.

Our Purpose

To be a place to gather, connect, and serve in the Willoughby community every day.

Our Story

The birth of Mountainview Alliance Church came as a result of the denominational leadership of the Canadian Pacific District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance and a core group of lay people joined forces to start a new church in Langley. Mountainview organized in 1981 and has been a fixture on 200th Street ever since. God has been gracious in the years since, as it went from being a “drive to” church to being in the heart of a developing neighbourhood, with people from all over the world coming to Langley. We have a new sense of purpose as we see the community forming around us.

From this new sense of purpose we found our mission purpose in 2017; To be a radiant church, known for shining the light of Jesus Christ through our gospel witness, vibrant communities, and compassionate ministries in Langley and throughout the world.

In 2020, Mountainview leadership developed another simple statement to add to our mission. Mountainview Alliance is the place to gather, connect, and serve the people of Willoughby, every day.

Our Values

Bible Centered
     The Bible contains the gospel and remains the basis of our faith and practice. it is to this Truth that we turn for training, strength, guidance, and understanding.

Passionate Worship
     Worshipping passionately through all we do is the expression of our vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.

Welcoming Atmosphere
     Everyone will be welcomed as they are, supported, and disciples at Mountainview.

Community Care
     We are compelled by the gospel to reach out to the people around us. This includes sharing the good news and meeting practical and spiritual needs just as Jesus would do.

Global Outlook
     We are committed to reach beyond local borders to all cultures and to extend the love of Christ to people both in our community and around the world.

Our Beliefs

We align ourselves with the statement of faith set forth by the Christian and Missionary Alliance of Canada.

To read this statement of faith please click here.