Prayer Teams

Faithful Intercession

Being a prayer filled community is one of our top priorities at Mountainview! The world is in constant flux and we understand that the only constant we can actually trust is God, so we bring everything to Him. Mountainview makes space for people to gather for worship and prayer each week. These teams intercede on behalf of our community, city, province, nation and even global matters!

At this time, due to COVID restrictions our prayer teams are only meeting via Zoom each week.

Thursdays @ 10:30am, both men and women’s prayer groups meet on Zoom.


We also host a prayer night for the whole Mountainview family, on the last Wednesday of each month. RENEW is a family oriented worship and prayer evening, starting with a nice meal together. There are supervised activities for children following an intergenerational time.

Due to the pandemic, RENEW is currently being held via Zoom each month.

RENEW begins at 5:30pm and we aim to finish at 7pm. We invite you to join us for a special time of communication with God.

Connect With Us

If you are a prayer warrior or would like to join our teams of intercessors fill out the form below to connect with us.